I am a physician. I got there by being a nerd all through my younger years. So I was not one who experimented with makeup. And then one day, I finally decided I should know how to put on my own makeup. So I researched it deligently, as if I was studying for an exam.


This is for someone wanting quick, simple, everyday natural makeup which is also healthy for your skin.


  1. Avoid these in your makeup : alcohol based, fragrance loaded, talc (extremely pore clogging), isopropyl, lanolin oil, coconut butter, Lauric acid.
  2. Avoid thick or solid products eg. stick, pancake, cream, cream to powder compact foundation and concealers.
  3. Look for mineral for foundation, liquid concealer, powder for blush(avoid creme).
  4. Wash makeup brushes frequently, replace curler and mascara every 3 months.



  1. Base or “canvas”. 3 options:
    • Foundation + concealer : Don’t cover your whole face with foundation. Use sheer application on large problem area. Strategic concealer for small problem area and under eyes.
    • Liquid concealer: If you have relatively clear skin, you can use strategic concealer with no foundation.
    • BB cream/ tinted moisturizer + concealer. BB cream is all the rage. It provides coverage in between foundation and tinted moisturizer.
  2. Powder: Apply small amount only to area the needs it (T zone), not eyes or cheeks preferably. A whole face powder ages you.
  3. Brow: Use brow powder over pencil. Fill out the outer edge first then the inner sparse area.
  4. Eye shadow (optional) : Can use concealer as eyeshadow base. Cream shadow is more natural. Use a shade darker than skin on crease and lower lash lines.
  5. Eyeliner (optional): Use pencil for a more natural look.
  6. Mascara: A must. Use brown or dark brown for a more natural look.
  7. Blush (optional): Apply from apples of cheek to temple, chin, forehead and bridge of nose.
  8. Lipstick : A must. Choose a color that matches your lips. Apply with fingers, concentrate in center and blend out.

You can probably be out the door with this natural makeup in 5 minutes. And voila, an enhanced version of yourself! Now go out and be gorgeous!

Yours positively,

Positive Circle.

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  1. Love your blog! And these are amazing tips!!! I’m actually in the process of applying to PA school right now! It’s amazing that you’re a physician and also running this blog! So happy to be able to follow!


    1. Omg thank you for reading!! I’m always happy if the article helps even 1 person or make someone’s life easier. Good luck with PA school. 🙂


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